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Iszuddin Ismail
aka Kidino

Eager To Start Making Money Online?

Hey, I am glad to see you here. My name is Kidino, and I am excited to present to you DIY Mini Site version 2.

DIY Mini Site version 1 was a great success. We had a lot of members and showed them all how to build profitable mini sites.

Now version 2 is even better!

Inside DIY Mini Site version 2, you will discover innovative new strategies that will enable you to make money with mini sites. Read case studies of how people just like you created mini sites that became big hits; learn exactly what they did, how they did it, and how you can duplicate their success!

And if you have never built a single website before, I have a collection of instructional videos that will transform you from a newbie to an expert mini site builder in record time. Believe it or not, you only need 30 minutes to build a mini site.

To get you started, I also have a collection of mini site templates for you to use. These are not those lousy looking templates you can find everywhere else. These are top-quality, templates created by professional web designers exclusively for DIY Mini Site members!

Take any of these templates, do a little tweaking, and your new profitable mini site is ready to start earning!

And the best part is that all of these are available for you for free. Just sign-up for your free access.


Here Are Your Cool Free Downloads

 Mini Site Mastery Videos

It surprises me that, even with tools and software becoming more and more affordable and easier to use, many people still can't build a website.

And that is why I created Mini Site Mastery. In Mini Site Mastery you will watch how I build a mini site. This complete mini site creation tutorial video will teach you everything you need to know and exactly how to get it done.

These videos will take you from a newbie to a pro mini site builder.

And the Mini Site Mastery Videos come in four volumes.


Volume 1 - How To Create A Mini Site In 30 Minutes Or Less
(14 videos)

  • Exact step-by-step process on how to create your 30-minute mini sites
  • How to add ClickBank and Paypal to your mini site
  • How to upload (FTP) your mini site to your web hosting
  • How to get a domain name (a dot-com) for your mini site
  • How to get web hosting for your mini site
  • And plenty more ...

Volume 2 - Mini Site Designing Tricks
(29 videos)

  • Learn cool CSS formating tricks
  • Change the look of your buttons
  • How to do affiliate link redirections
  • Encrypting your affiliate links
  • Create advanced pop-ups
  • And plenty more ...

Volume 3 - More Mini Site Designing Tricks
(29 videos)

  • Create privates pages and protect them from search engines
  • Protect your images from hot-linking
  • Customize your 404 error pages for profits
  • Working with the magic of SSI
  • Simple tricks to interact with your website visitors
  • And plenty more ...

Volume 4 - Web Graphic Mastery
(11 videos)

  • Where you can get free graphic software
  • Understanding web graphic formats for your sites
  • How to make screen shots for your sales letters
  • Simple and powerful graphic effects
  • Learn image manipulation like cropping, resizing, rotating and more
  • And plenty more ...

Mini Site Mastery Videos contains a collection of 83 videos with over 10 hours of viewing time. You do not need to go through all of them in one sitting. But remember to go back to it when you are building your mini sites. These videos cover a lot of interesting things when it comes to creating your mini sites.



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 Mini Site Mastery Professional Templates

Mini Site Templates that you will find in here were created exclusively for You cannot find them anywhere else. These are professional-quality templates that you can use right away.

Choose from a selection of 20 mini site templates to jump-start your mini site empire. With just a few changes here and there, you will be ready with a brand new mini site with an eye-catching, professional design.

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 Real Mini Site Success Stories

This is a collection of 10 mini site success stories and case studies. When you read the ebooks, your mind will be flooded with ideas on how to use their successful strategies to create your own profitable mini site projects!

Whether well-known experts or little known home-office entrepreneurs, the people featured in this extraordinary ebook share their wealth of knowledge and experience about mini sites. Here are just a few of the fascinating stories that you will find inside this ebook.

  • Reviving a Dead Product
    Andre Chaperon -
  • Building a List of 6,000 Subscribers
    Pat O'Bryan -
  • Build and Left Alone - and Still Profiting
    Munya Chingonoza -
  • Press Release and Mini Sites
    Alice Seba -
  • Mini Site Marketing and Baseball
    Bill Hibbler -
  • Instant List - Making Money with Leads
    Terry Telford -
  • How I Made $7,776 Targeting a Very Small Niche
    Gobala Krishnan -
  • Revealing Case Study of My Adsense Site - URL Inside
    Sunny Tan -
  • Forum Posting Strategies - How I Built My Online Business
    Fabio Marciano -
  • Revealing Case Study of My Name Squeeze - URL Inside
    Iszuddin Ismail aka Kidino -

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All of this and more is yours - FREE! So there really is no reason not to join DIY Mini Site today. You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain! But you don’t have to take my word for it. Read what other people are saying about DIY Mini Site.


Michelle MacPhearson

... my first ever online sale was using DIY Mini Site templates

DIYMinisites literally handed me exactly what I needed to get started online - that is, great looking, original minisite templates I could use to sell a product or capture visitors email addresses. In fact, my first ever online sale was using DIY Mini Site templates - and I can tell you, being a HTML and graphic design flunkie, I never would have made it without DIY Mini Site!

Kidino always goes above and beyond in providing value to his members, and his design work is always clean, functional and attractive and his sage advice and wisdom is always honest and tested.  DIY Mini Site templates and the accompanying videos reflect that, and are a must-have tool for anyone ready to start making money online!

Michelle MacPhearson



Stephanie Trahd

... I no longer spend hour after hour stressing over how to build a mini site

Kidino has an excellent eye for clean and functional design and knows how to teach even an HTML novice like me how to build a mini-site that stands out! Between the videos and the templates, I no longer spend hour after hour stressing over how to build a mini site - it's all laid out for me in

I love the fact that these templates are not the same ones used by everyone else online. They really make my sites look unique. My online journey would not be the same without Kidino. His emails are always a welcome addition to my inbox - full of sound, tested advice that have helped add to my bottom line.

Stephanie Trahd



Gobala Krishnan

... and my mini site continues to produce 50 - 200 new subscribers a day.

Kidino is indeed a master of mini-sites.

With his help I was able to build a mailing list of 2,798 on the first week of launch, and my mini-site continues to produce 50 - 200 new subscribers a day.

All that with a simple site offering something for free.

I've learned tons of great stuff from Kidino about building a strong mailing list with mini-sites, and I highly recommend his expertise to everyone.

Gobala Krishnan



Edward Santosh

... Kidino comes out different with workable & profitable plans any beginner could implement

The single thing that impresses me the most about Kidino is that, while every internet marketer worth his salt were promoting one product after another, Kidino comes out different with workable & profitable plans any beginner could implement and come out on tops.

Anyone who is serious about making money online without all the usual hype involved, should sign up immediately.

Edward Santosh


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